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Therapeutic Massages in West Linn

Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy personalized massage treatment by our experienced, licensed massage therapist, Maureen Mayfield, L.M.T. 

Maureen specializes in relaxation, deep tissue, sports, hotstone, prenatal and therapeutic massage.

30 minute massage $35
60 minute massage $70
90 minute massage $95
Hot stone massage $110
Sea spa scrub $80
Aromatherapy Body Wrap $70
Hand and Foot Treatment $50

Swedish Massage

This smooth and relaxing massage uses long gentle rhythmic massage to improve circulation, rejuvenate tired muscles, and encourage deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Targeting chronic patterns of muscle tension using slow penetrating strokes with direct pressure or friction. This massage is applied with greater pressure and at deeper layers of the muscles than the Swedish. Improves range of motion.

Sports Massage

Designed specifically for the needs of athletes and peak athletic performance. Targeting deeper layers of muscle, varied techniques are used to focus on over use muscle tensions or minor sports injuries. Improves performance, minimize risk of injury, and lessens muscle pain that accompanies the “push yourself” workout.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is designed for alleviating stress on the body and adding serenity with soothing touch for the mother to be.  Massage is not recommended during the first trimester.  All expectant mothers should check with their doctors prior to getting a massage.

Hot Stone

LaStone® Hot Stone Massage is a resort style hot stone massage.  Smooth water treated hot basalt stones are used in a soothing, rhythmic manner to relax muscles, and release stress and tension. Our massage therapist is a trained and certified LaStone® therapist.

Specialty Massages

Sea Spa Scrub and Mask, Aromatherapy Body Wrap and Hand and Foot Treatment massages.

Massage for Motor Vehicles Accidents

Blush Salon and Day Spa Massage Therapist offers Motor Vehicle Recovery Massage. Following a car accident massage therapy can aid in the recovery of muscles exposed to injury and trauma. Massage can bring immediate relief, reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. Usually a series of treatment massages are prescribed for permanent pain-free healing to allow the injured muscles to return to normal.  We are able to bill auto insurance companies for massage therapy for our clients.  We do the billing and you will have no out of pocket expenses.  A prescription or referral from a primary care physician (MD) or chiropractor (DC) is all that is required for PIP from your auto insurance to cover massage therapy.  Prior to scheduling your massage, you must consult with a medical doctor or chiropractor to evaluate your condition.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.  We schedule appointments according to your specialists’ availability and specialty.  If you are running late please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Arriving late will likely limit the time allocated for your service, lessen the effectiveness, and most importantly your pleasure and enjoyment.  Cancellations for all spa services require a 24 hour notice.  Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Many of our services are intended to provide a soothing, relaxing experience. We are happy to provide services to children, but in order to create an atmosphere of relaxation for our clients and because of safety concerns, we ask you to please not bring children to the salon to wait for you while you are at your appointment. We trust you will understand.